Rowdy No 1 (Marudhu) 2017 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vishal, Sri Divya

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    Rowdy No 1 (Marudhu) 2017 New Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vishal, Sri Divya

    Vishal as Maruthu
    Sri Divya as Bhagyalakshmi


    Suresh as Rolex Pandiyan
    Kulappulli Leela as Appathaa
    Radha Ravi as Bailwan
    Soori as Kokkarako
    Aadhira Pandilakshmi as Mariyamma
    Namo Narayana as Pambarathaan

    Gnanasambandam as the Tahsildar


    Maruthu (Vishal) is a labourer from Rajapalayam who personally does not tolerate injustice anywhere.

    He leads a happy life with his grandmother Appathaa (Kulappulli Leela) and his younger brother Kokkarako (Soori).

    One day, he encounters Bhagyalakshmi alias Bhagyam (Sri Divya), a bold young woman, at a temple, but their first meeting does not go well due to a misunderstanding and he ends up at a police station.

    However, with the help of Appathaa, Maruthu soon manages to win Bhagyam's heart.

    One day, he sees some goons chasing Bhagyam and her father near the market where he is working.

    Maruthu beats up the goons and then learns from Bhagyam's father why the goons are after them.

    Bhagyam was the daughter of Mariyamma (Aadhira Pandilakshmi), a brave woman who stood up to the atrocities committed by the municipal chairman Rolex Pandiyan (R.


    Suresh) on the local people.

    When she decided to contest against Pandiyan in the upcoming municipal election, Pandiyan and his men brutally hacked her to death and stuffed all her body parts except her head into a bag.

    Bhagyam and her father are unable to prove in court that Pandiyan committed the murder since there is no head and the police inspector is Pandiyan's henchman.

    They are also threatened of dire consequences by Pandiyan if they continue to target him.

    Appathaa, who witnessed Mariyamma's brutal murder and upset that she did not stop it, gets Maruthu married to Bhagyam the next day to repent her earlier actions, and Maruthu also promises to avenge the death of Mariyamma.

    A cat-and-mouse game soon begins between Maruthu and Pandiyan, with Pandiyan using all means to stop Bhagyam and Appathaa from going to court and testifying against him, to no avail.

    At the court, Appathaa testifies against Pandiyan, and a warrant is issued to arrest him.

    In retribution, Pandiyan kidnaps Appathaa and brutally tortures her to death.

    When Maruthu finds out how his grandmother had died at the hands of Pandiyan, he single-handedly fights him and his gang and kills them all.

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