Kathakali (2015) Hindi Dubbed Full HD Movie | Vishal, Lakshmi Menon | Part 2

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    This is a Tamil action - romantic movie direction by Susindhran and produced by Vishal under the banner "Vishal Film factory".

    Vishal plays male lead role and Lakshmi Menon plays female lead role and other leading actress to be in.

    movie story is about how comman man turn into action hero and takes revange for his brother.

    First to enter the screen is not the hero or heroine, but bereavement over a death.

    The scene simplifies a little when the rowdy who runs quarries against the government norms, Simmakal Ravi, hacks down the others for monopoly.

    Meanwhile, Sivakumar (Vishal) is a simpleton to highest levels of non violence, who falls in love with Malar (Lakshmi Menon) who is a teacher.

    The scenes that Vishal and Lakshmi share are cute and lighthearted.

    However, it is not love story that forms the main thread of this film.

    When the lives of the innocent Sivakumar and rowdy Ravi get inevitably intertwined with one another's, due to the death of the former's brother, that is where the real story begins.

    Soori Sivakumar's friend has lightened up the mood at even the most taxing and tense situations.

    Vikrant's cameo as Sethu in the film is a comeback for the actor.

    He plays the close buddy to Vishal and the scenes where they work hand in hand to impress Lakshmi is yet another entertaining sequence with lighthearted comedy.

    Loss of such a good ally and his beloved brother transforms the innocent introvert Vishal into a hero seeking revenge, which forms the crux of 'Pandianadu'.

    The future story is about how Vishal and Bharathiraja taken revange on villian.

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